Privacy Policy

This page is to let you know that we respect your privacy. We do (of course), but did you know it’s actually the law — you’ve heard of GDPR, right?

Yeah, so it’s the law, but either way, we want you to know how we use your data. Enjoy the super-fascinating read.


We don’t use your data for anything other than getting in touch with you when you ask us to and making this website better.

BTW, “TL;DR” means “Too Long; Didn’t Read” and “BTW” means “By the way” 😘

Who we are

Our website address is: (but you already know that — you’re on it).

We’re Design Twelve Ltd and we’re registered in England and Wales — the company number is in the website footer.


Cookies are generally good things. If you’ve ever logged into a website, a cookie is stored on your computer so that you can stay logged in between one page and the next. If you didn’t allow the cookie, you would have to sign in on every page, which, well… clearly that wouldn’t work.

So, yeah. Cookies are generally good things.

But, some not very nice people learned they could use cookies to leave all kinds of data on your computer and at that point, things got a bit scary. So the use of cookies is now regulated and there are plenty of laws about what companies are allowed and (more importantly!) not allowed to do with them.

We use cookies.

When you accessed our website for the first time, we asked you for permission to use some cookies that make this work (functional) and some others that let us understand how you use our website (analytical) and we’ll use that information to make this website a bit better. So thanks if you accepted them all. It helps.

But we don’t do bad things.

We don’t do anything sinister with cookies. You can take our word for it, but if you want to check, you can clear your cookies and reload our website. When we ask if you want to accept our cookies this time, take a closer look and enjoy reading about each and every cookie that we use, why we use them, and then, you know, just get back on with your day, probably. 🤷‍♂️

Who we share your data with

If you read about all the cookies we use, you’ve got a good idea who we share your data with. But if you didn’t, here’s a quick list.

  • Google for Analytics — so we can see how you use our website, and then make it better.
  • Google for Email — our email is provided by Google.
  • Postmark — they make sure we receive the data you submit on our contact form.

How long we retain your data

If you send us an email, we’ll keep it for at least 1 year. If you become a client, we’ll probably keep it longer — it’s useful to keep a record of what we’ve said to each other.

Analytics data is kept in perpetuity, but there’s nothing personally identifiable about you in there.

What rights you have over your data

If you won’t want us to keep your data, you have every right to request we delete it.

Did We Miss Anything?

If you’ve got a question about your privacy that we haven’t answered on this page, please get in touch and let us know.

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